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HVAC Solutions for Residential & Commercial Customers.

Dynatech Service Company, Inc.

Dynatech Service Company, Inc. is one of the reliable HVAC Companies in the Northern Virginia area. We provide complete Residential and Commercial HVAC services and installation.

We can measure the performance of your system and improve your comfort as well as the safety and energy efficiency of the system. Learn more about our performance measurement services.

Our service technicians are well trusted, highly qualified, trained and certified. We offer free estimates on replacement or new installation job.

Dynatech Service Company is fully licensed and insured company.

Puron Refrigerant

The environmentally sound refrigerant of the future

Environmentally sound, chlorine-free Puron® Refrigerant is the refrigerant of the future. As companies worldwide race to upgrade to chlorine-free refrigerants, Dynatech Service Company offers the experience of having introduced the first air conditioners with an alternative refrigerant in 1996 - 6 years before other manufacturers caught up.

Today, Dynatech Service Company has line of heating and cooling products available with Puron Refrigerant, to make your home more comfortable.

Why Puron Refrigerant?

The 1990 Clean Air Act identified refrigerant R-22 - the longtime industry standard refrigerant used in most air conditioning and heat pump systems - must be phased out.

Puron Refrigerant is superior to R-22 not only in environmental safety, but in performance and energy efficiency. These outstanding results have made Puron Refrigerant the universally accepted, long-term refrigerant for the heating and cooling industry.

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